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Lap Band System

Feel full faster, Stay full longer

Focus on Life Instead of Dieting

If endless diets and exercise have only taken you so far, it may be time to consider a different weight loss strategy. The minimally-invasive Lap-Band® System at Hedden Plastic Surgery can help you lose weight and put your focus squarely where it belongs — on life.

The Lap-Band System in Birmingham, Alabama

Diagram of inflated Lap Band

Weight Loss Surgery with the Lap-Band

The Lap-Band® System is a bariatric surgery option that is minimally-invasive, adjustable and reversible. The soft, durable Lap-Band device is placed around the upper portion of the stomach to restrict food intake, allowing you to feel full faster and stay full longer.

Placement of the Lap-Band at Hedden Plastic Surgery's outpatient surgery center in Birmingham, Alabama usually takes less than an hour. Since the procedure is laparoscopic and involves no cutting or stapling, patients can quickly get back to their normal activities.

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Candidates for the Lap-Band System

Many people who choose to lose weight with the Lap-Band want to lessen their risk of ongoing weight-related health problems, increase their confidence and enjoy a better quality of life. Candidates for weight loss surgery should measure their Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine if the minimally-invasive Lap-Band System could be the right fit for them.

Is the Lap Band Right for Me?

William J. Hedden, M.D.

Dr. William Hedden is a talented and experienced surgeon who is passionate about his work and is dedicated to providing you with a safe, comfortable and compassionate experience. A consultation with Dr. Hedden at our offices in Birmingham, Alabama can help you determine your options for safe, gradual and long-term weight loss with the Lap-Band System.

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Lap-Band Patient Resources

Our resources for bariatric surgery patients in Birmingham, Alabama include Important Safety Information for the Lap-Band System. Indicated for weight reduction in adult suffering from obesity, Lap-Band patients must have tried more conservative alternatives and commit to changes in their lifestyle.

Lap Band Patient Resources